Question for you guys...

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Question for you guys...

Post by katatonia_pastel on Sun Dec 30, 2007 9:34 pm

Hey Chicken,

This may sound a little harsh, and I'm just wondering..

When I saw you guys with NOFX in January, I thought you guys sucked. I just didn't think your sound was all that great, you were rude to fans, ect.

Then I listened to the album and thought you sounded amazing. I decided to give you guys another go when I saw you at The Alley in Fullerton. I absolutely love you guys now. When I saw you there I fell in love with your live show. It was so much different than when I saw you at The House of Blues with NOFX.

Is there a certain reason? Were you guys not sober? Were you using different equipment? I'm just wondering. I'm not meaning to offend you if I did.

I completely respect your stance on Veganism, as I am a vegetarian, and your openness on drug abuse, ect. I absolutely love your new album and you guys have easily became one of my new favorite bands. Thanks for making great music.


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Re: Question for you guys...

Post by Harry on Sun Jan 20, 2008 6:50 am

Chicken is a very sarcastic guy, i'm sure what ever he said he didn't really mean it haha. they probabaly sucked because you haven't heard them before. that's what i'm like with bnads I've never heard of, I just get very bored.

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